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The Past Steps Aside For New Homes

By March 15, 2007News

Springdale Plantation House Will Be Moved As Subdivision Work Begins

By: Shalama C. Jackson
Clearing began last month at the 339 Wattling Road location in anticipation of the old plantation house being moved Saturday morning to its new location on Platt Springs Road.

Springdale Councilman Kevin Reeley has purchased the house from property developer Wade Caughman for an undisclosed amount.

Caughman’s grandparents used to live in the house, which has been vacant for the past six years or so.

It will cost about $45,000 to move, according to town records.

“It is a dream come true to have the house,” said Reeley. “I remember passing by it every day as I grew up in the neighborhood.”

Reeley plans to renovate the house, which is about 60 years old, and rent it out for community events, such as weddings and other special occasions.

Two other structures on the Wattling Road property also will be removed. Carolina House Movers will move two other houses, including a small log cabin, to an undisclosed location.

Once completed, Caughman can move forward with the residential project.

The development will include the 85 single-family homes, a pool and tennis courts. About 75 percent of the homes have been sold, Caughman said. It could be four to six months before a home is constructed.

Springdale, which is about 4 square miles bordering Columbia Metropolitan Airport, features homes on large tracts of land and has had little residential development in the past few years. About 2,900 people live there.

Last year, town officials approved the new homes to be built on quarter-acre lots instead of the town’s standard of half-acre parcels despite opposition from residents.

Most recently, the state Department of Health and Environmental Control received complaints regarding possible soil erosion and runoff as some work began on the property.

Work was temporarily stopped until land-disturbance permits were received, DHEC officials said.

The residential subdivision will be the town’s first such development in the past two years.

Source: The State Newspaper