JAMS + STARK strives to generate innovation, creativity, and synergy within the neighborhoods that we impact through collaborative team effort and accountability in third party team members. Together we will push Metro Columbia into the spotlight of east coast developments.


JAMS + STARK focuses on seeing value in properties that have been discarded or become stagnant property sites and utilizing the right team that analyzes growing trends and changing demographics and leans on their grassroots organic relationships with consumers and entrepreneurs to create an environment that is inclusive and drives growth and value.

We operate with accountability.

We operate with multiple levels of in-house accountability along with third-party team members that oversee and audit the accounting and financials associated with construction and development operations.

We believe in value-centricity.

We want to create spaces that keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront. There is no long-lasting value creation without the creative minds of people from all walks of life.

We work to build an ecosystem founded on ingenuity.

We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and creating new and exciting developments in Metro Columbia. We want to support others that share this mindset and inspire newcomers.

JAMS + STARK is validated in the Columbia real estate market through historic preservation award winning projects, pioneering developments in the Vista, and instilling urban infill along the Congaree River.



Design and development of specialty projects, including revitalization and repurposing of historic properties.


Contemporary design-build of residential and commercial structures.


Restoration of historic buildings with green and efficient practices in mind.


City of West Columbia


The City of West Columbia had the vision to save key pieces of land for key projects like the 2.5 acre campus for FLOW Townhomes and the recently constructed Brookland development. With the city’s continued growth, more street landscaping and beautification can be expected in front of FLOW Townhomes and into the adjacent historic Avenues.

Sherwin Williams


Sherwin Williams, founded in 1866, is well-known all around the world for their high quality paints. Their paints can always be trusted to protect surfaces while also drastically improving aesthetics.

Nichiha Siding


Nichiha Siding comes in an ever-expanding array of finishes and textures, so the possibilities are endless. With the siding being a building’s first defense against the elements, Nichiha Siding can be trusted to create a long lasting and effective barrier.

Andersen Windows


Andersen Corporation is America’s premier window and door manufacturer. Andersen Corporation is trusted by large corporations and home builders everywhere.